It doesn't take much to be happy.

Happiness is yOur true nature, but we likely overlook it.
We are so habituated to identify as the "me" we think/feel I am.

Upon closer examination
– gently relaxing attention into the simple sense I am, I exist –
we discover that the "me", on whose behalf suffering arises,
is a belief, is a mind-construct, a fictitious entity.

Fascinating, this reluctance to be happy for no  reason.
Amazing, how I overlooked my self as I am, for decades.

What I am cannot be explained;
any word is just another concept.

What is left, without words?
What to do, but to give UP.

Giving UP might feel scary, shameful, full of doom, 
simply because we are so habituated to think and feel
on behalf of this assumed "me" entity.

What a precious gift, to see and feel the me-chanism of suffering.

And to meet friends who are open for this understanding.

Where there is love for truth, there is nothing to be ashamed of.
Don't be trapped in the narratives, in the stories you tell yourself.

Only the "me" suffers...
and I used to take it personally.

Hallelujah ❤️ (non-denominationally) 

Regarding precious pause:

Simply to turn inward again and again.
Playfully, just for a few seconds each hour.

Not to satisfy "me",
but simply for no reason.

Simply because you trust your intuition
that life is more than paying bills
and running after pleasures.

Gently, respectfully, maybe start with the words "I am"
and relax into the simple sense "I am". 

Just for a few seconds.

Love cannot be forced!
Relax, be gentle,
not lazy. 

Thoughts and feelings are not the problem,
because you are the one aware of them!

What am I?
... a fascinating exploration,
that reveals a peace and fulfillment
that no-thing in this world can give you.

When mind is not anchored in presence/peace
it tends to pretend that it runs the show.

It might take a friend to dis-cover the difference be-
tween "me" (mind-stuff) and "I am" (direct experience).

It requires humility to see that unhappiness is self-entertained.

All words just as concessions, simple invitations to see for your self.